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Are you preparing for the biggest day of your life? Then you also need to choose a piece of jewelry that does justice to the love between you and your partner, one that will always remind you of the joy you share.


At Color First you can choose between simple yet elegant wedding bands, diamond-set rings and much more. We carry a wide selection of wedding and engagement rings for him and her.


Of course we can also handle personal engravings on your wedding ring. From the date of the wedding to your names or even special engraving requests that bond you and your partner closer together - we provide prompt and reliable engravings.

the open color peachy-pink gem

originally found in Madagascar in 1910 and named after the financier and gem collector J.P. Morgan (of JP Morgan Chase fame);

colors available:  

light pink, medium pink

light peach, medium peach

light peachy-pink, medium peachy-pink, 

family/species:   beryl
properties:   RI=1.577 (+/-0.016) - 1.583 (+/-0.017)
SG=2.72 (-0.05, +0.12)

highly suitable for use in jewelry

can be 100% natural untreated

morganite is routinely heated to remove the brownish/peachy component to enhance the pink color

morganite is also sometimes irradiated and heated to enhance the peach and/or pink colors

(see policy on Treatment Disclosure)

important information   we specialise in natural, unheated material which has an attractive open peach to peachy-pink color
the darkest blue colors are generally the most desired and expensive gems (beryl normally occurs in light tones)
cuts:   calibrated up to 6mm
all standard cuts and free sizes
rough:   generally available in clean material to cut 5mm and under; bigger pieces occasionally available - please Contact Us for current stock
mining:   found in madagascar, brazil, nigeria, mozambique, afghanistan, ysa (california, maine) and other localities worldwide

Photo Gallery: Selected Morganites

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