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White Zircon

white zircon - the ORIGINAL diamond substitute!
our zircon is a naturally occuring gemstone, not to be confused with man-made CZ (it is NOT lab created)
colors available:  

white, near-colorless, greyish-white, light champagne

and occasionally with tenebrescence, a rare property that only some zircons have (gems stored in a safe or dark area will look greyish or brownish-white when first taken out and then slowly turn into their 'normal' white color when exposed to light. This fascinating phenomenon can be repeated over and over again!!).

Frrom Wikipedia "Tenebrescence, also known as reversible photochromism, is the ability of minerals to change colour when exposed to sunlight. The effect can be repeated indefinitely, but is destroyed by heating. Tenebrescent behavior is exploited in synthetic materials for the manufacture of self-adjusting sunglasses, which darken on exposure to sunlight.​"

family/species:   zircon
properties:   zircon (high):
RI=1.925-1.984 DR
SG=4.70 (+/-0.03)
zircon (medium): RI=1.875(+/-0.045)-1.905(+/-0.075) DR
SG=4.32 (+/-0.25)
zircon (low): RI=1.810(+/-0.030)-1.815(+/-0.030) DR
dispersion= 0.038

note: dispersion is very close to that of diamond (0.044), making it the traditional diamond substitute
suitable for use in most jewelry

we work with both natural and untreated material; some zircon is routinely heated to enhance color

(see policy on Treatment Disclosure)

important information:   extremely bright and sparkly
a naturally occuring gemstone - do not confuse with lab-created cubic zirconia (cz)
excellent value for money


cuts:   calibrated up to 8mm
standard and fancy checkerboard cuts
and free sizes
rough:   generally available in clean material to cut sizes 6mm and under; bigger pieces occasionally available - please Contact Us for current stock
mining:   found in kenya, tanzania, nigeria, cambodia, sri lanka and other localities

Photo Gallery: Selected White Zircon

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