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Tsavorite (Green Garnet)

the exceptional green gemstone from east africa...
named after Kenya's Tsavo National Park

what emerald wishes it could be!

colors available:   medium green
deep forest green
grass green
light green
mint green
family/species:   garnet, green grossularite
properties:   RI=1.735 (+0.015,-0.035) SR
note: emerald is much lower at 1.58
SG=3.61 (-0.27, +0.12)

note: this is twice that of emerald (0.014)
suitable for use in jewelry
treatments:   none
important information:  

much rarer than emerald, tsavorite is rare above 1.5ct
100% natural garnet which has no known treatments or enhancements

(see policy on Treatment Disclosure)
newly discovered deposits adding to stability of supply





cuts:   calibrated up to 6mm
all standard cuts and free sizes
rough:   generally available in clean material to cut sizes 3mm and under; bigger pieces occasionally available - please Contact Us for current stock
mining:   found in southeastern kenya and tanzania

Photo Gallery: Selected Tsavorite Garnets

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