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Vesuvianite (Idocrase)

the rare gemstone from kenya
colors available:   lime green
olive green
light green
sap green
family/species:   idocrase (independent mineral species)
properties:   RI=1.713 - 1.718 DR
SG=3.40 (+/- 0.10)
dispersion= 0.019

suitable for use in jewelry


(see policy on Treatment Disclosure)

important information:   rare to find facet grade meterial
100% natural with no known treatments or enhancements
deposit closed with no foreseeable future production
cuts:   calibrated up to 6mm
all standard and fancy checkerboard cuts
rough:   generally available in material to cut sizes 5mm and under; bigger pieces occasionally available - please Contact Us for current stock
mining:   found in southeastern kenya

Photo Gallery: Selected Vesuvianite (Idocrase) gemstones

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