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Blue Zircon

fabulous blue colors!
our zircon is a naturally occuring gemstone
-it is NOT lab created
colors available:  

light blue, medium blue, deep blue


family/species:   zircon
properties:   zircon (high):
RI=1.925-1.984 DR
SG=4.70 (+/-0.03)
zircon (medium): RI=1.875(+/-0.045)-1.905(+/-0.075) DR
SG=4.32 (+/-0.25)
zircon (low): RI=1.810(+/-0.030)-1.815(+/-0.030) DR
dispersion= 0.038

note: dispersion is very close to that of diamond (0.044), making it the traditional diamond substitute
suitable for use in most jewelry

we work with both natural and untreated material; some zircon is routinely heated to enhance color

(see policy on Treatment Disclosure)

important information:   extremely bright and sparkly
a naturally occuring gemstone - do not confuse with lab-created cubic zirconia (cz)
excellent value for money




cuts:   calibrated up to 8mm
standard and fancy checkerboard cuts
and free sizes
rough:   generally available in clean material to cut sizes 6mm and under; bigger pieces occasionally available - please Contact Us for current stock
mining:   found in cambodia and some other localities

Photo Gallery: Selected Blue Zircons

NEW - Blue Zircon Crystals



  • Beautiful pieces of rough zircon in their natural, uncut forms
  • Whole crystals and sections of crystals with crystal faces
  • Bright, with good luster
  • Some have a matt, frosted appearance
  • Very good clarity – this is facet grade material (but it would be a shame to cut these natural beauties!)
  • Crystals with significant inclusions will be available at lower prices
  • Each piece is unique, allowing for design creativity
  • Apart from heating, no other treatments
  • Available in light to medium blue colors
  • Available in sizes from under 1cts each to 4+cts each
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