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Mid-2016 - New find of Emerald in Ethiopia. Some of the material is of good color and reportedly cuts stones that don't need oiling, treatments etc. The material doesn't react under the Chelsea filter so it isn't chrome or vanadium bearing.

February 2016 - COLOR First acquires a parcel of very select Purple Garnet from Mozambique and shows them at Booth 820, GJX Show, Tucson AZ

Early 2015 - New find of Purple Garnet in Mozambique, reportedly in Catandica, located in the western part of the country, by the border with Zimbabwe


May 2013 - COLOR First introduces Ice Blue Zircon at the AGTA Show in Las Vegas. These bright pastel blue zircons are from an African souce(different from the regular Cambodian Blue Zircon), and the colors are reminiscent of Aquamarine, with a lot more dispersion of course!

January 2009 - A new discovery of Color Change Garnet in Taita-Taveta District, Kenya. COLOR First is on location within 3 weeks and acquires the best of the new production, and shows them at the GJX Show in Tucson, AZ


CC Garnet - Primary color

CC Garnet - secondary color

March 2005 - COLOR First introduces the new find of Imperial Zircon and Rose (Pink) Zircon from East Africa to the world gem market

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